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Influenced by cultural past and present, LAJAMARTIN aspire to create engaging live performance. Grounded in relatable themes, LM rides into imagination where anything is possible. From floor to air, a variety of dynamic movement defined by musicality and rhythm crafts the vocabulary that embodies the work’s intention. Originally composed music immerses the viewer into a specific cinematic environment from where the journeys are then limitless. Experiencing the impact of live performance that can invoke a freeing feeling of wonder is the main purpose of  LAJAMARTIN’s work.


LAJAMARTIN is a physical dance theatre company founded by Laja Field and Martin Durov. Originally from Salt Lake City and Slovakia the two met dancing for Johannes Wieland at the Staatstheater Kassel, Germany. Highlights of those years include working with many inspiring colleagues, guest teachers and guest artists such as, Chris Haring, Helge Letonja, Ryan Mason, Sita Ostheimer, Stella Zannou and Hofesh Shechter. In 2015, Durov and Field moved to NYC, became founding members of VIM VIGOR dance company, co-created and performed works in NYC, Santa Barbara for DanceWORKS at the Lobero Theatre and toured to Prisma Festival in Panama. Two years later the duo launched their own creative platform, LAJAMARTIN, premiered their first work "Tatry" with DANCENOW at Joe's Pub Festival in NYC and performed the piece again in Circulate at Newcastle College, England. As invited guests, LM presented ”Lucy Part 1” for BRINE in SLC and later that year, created “Spolu v Case” on the J.L Bella Conservatory in Slovakia. In 2018 LM was selected as a guest choreographer for the inaugural festival LINK produced by SALT dance company and were commissioned by BYU to create a new work on CDT. Back east the two premiered “Unearthed” for the SouthSide Arts and Music Festival in Steelstacks, PA, performed an excerpt of the piece at Wesfest NYC, Austin Dance Festival and in Europe at GIF 4 in Brussels, Belgium. This year, while touring to teach in Europe LM premiered a new work commissioned by the Anton Bruckner Private University in Linz, Austria and are currently working on a new piece for Kizuna Dance in NYC. LM will also be creating a new duet to premiere at Gibney NYC and shown at b12 festival in Berlin as well as in the Sibenik Dance Festival in Croatia. Aside from choreographing and performing, LAJAMARTIN have also had the pleasure of teaching at Gibney Dance Center, NYU Tisch, the University of Utah, BYU, DeSales University, Muhlenberg College, Early Mosley’s Institute of the Arts, Dance & Movement in Los Angeles, CA, UCLA, CalArts, California State University Long Beach, Newcastle College & Dancecity in England, Contemporary Prostor Pro Tanec in Prague, the private Conservatory in Liptovsky Hradok, Slovakia, DancePAT Munich, Artist Commons in Brussels and the Johannes Wieland company in Staatstheater Kassel, Germany. LAJAMARTIN continues to bring their unique style of highly physical dance theater in performances and workshops throughout the U.S and EU.


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