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“Through a series of serendipitous events, two people from two very different places find themselves on a similar journey. As the story unravels we watch them navigate through life and the places it takes them.”

Choreographed by: LAJAMARTIN

Performers: Laja Field, Martin Durov

Original soundscore: Martin Durov 

Commissioned by:  GDC Curated NYC May 2019 

Premiere: Sugar Space in SLC 2019

Invited to Perform at: b12 festival in Berlin, Šibenik Dance Festival in Croatia and Prisma Festival in Panama

Photo Credit: Tori Duhaime


Forward to the Past

“Forward to the Past” looks at the existence of us, us humans, many years ago in ancient times we used to share common knowledge, higher powers, we believed, progressed as a unit and found synchronicity. What happened to us? As we travel forward many of us lost belief, confused, individuals search for their place in this world. We used to see things in the reality around us now we see the reality of others and our own is in the shadow of flashing lights. What happened?


Choreographed by: LAJAMARTIN

Performers: Ágnes Antal, Justyna Czaplińska Roland Dando, Marcin Denkiewicz, Ivona Grubišić, Florian Heiml, Corina Hoser, Patryk Jarczok, Rada Kovacevic, Nikola Majtanova, Yoh Morishita,  Martyna Łodey

Original soundscore: Martin Durov including Dynoro, Gigi D'Agostino & Edith Piaf

Commissioned by: The Anton Bruckner Private University 

Premiere: Linz, Austria Jan 2019

To be performed: Sibenik Dance Festival in Croatia, July 2019

Photo Credit: Violeta Ivanova


“Unearthed” peers into the life of a couple and the complexity of the two individuals trying to co-exist. Opening up the mystery of the mind and all it has to offer it becomes clear that not all relationships are as they seem.

Choreographed by: LAJAMARTIN

Performers: Martin Durov and Laja Field

Original soundscore: Martin Durov 

Produced by: DANCENOW NYC

Premiere: Steelstacks South side arts and music festival, PA 2018

Excerpt: Westfest at Westbeth, NYC 2018

Excerpt: Joe’s Pub Festival, NYC 2018



“Tatry" delves into worlds that coexist and collide, leaving the people in them  questioning, realizing, dreaming, hoping and risking.

Choreographed by: LAJAMARTIN

Performers: Martin Durov and Laja Field

Original soundscore: Martin Durov 

Produced by: DANCENOW NYC 

Premiere: Joe’s Pub Festival, NYC 2017

Tour: “Circulate” Newcastle, England 2017



The performance “Lucy Part 1” is inspired by the story of our ancestors and explores how life could have been. Intrigued by the way language could have arrived, this piece follows the life of five early women and their first reaction to rain, snow, development of primitive tools, tactics in hunting and protecting for survival. 

Choreographed by: LAJAMARTIN

Original soundscore: Martin Durov 

Produced by: BRINE 

Premiere: Leona Wagner Black Box Theater SLC, UT 2017

Dancers: Natalie Border, Megan O'Brien, Ashley Creek, Breeanne Saxton, Eliza Tappan



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